Arun Puracken has remained involved in Board of Education (BOE) politics since 2012 when he volunteered for David Murray’s BOE campaign in 2012. Since then, Arun Puracken has volunteered for Raaheela Ahmed’s BOE campaign in 2016 and served as Chief of Staff for Edward Burroughs BOE campaign in 2016. Arun also served Campaign Manager Eugene W. Grant running for re-election as Mayor of Seat Pleasant, Md.

Most recently, Arun has championed causes which impacted Accokeek Academy. He was apart of a movement which mobilized school/ community stakeholders to prevent the removal of the Talented and Gifted Center leading to the decision being tabled. Arun has been very vocal as it relates to ineffective decision making and problem solving in public schools, especially District 9.

Arun has also spoken publicly at County Council and Board of Education meetings disapproving the installment of cell towers in PGCPS and standing with the community at District Heights Elementary School during the mold infestation issues. Additionally, Arun has mobilized activists denouncing the treatment of high school students at Oxon Hill High School graduation when their microphones were shut off.

In addition, Arun serves as a member of the Community Schools Coalition with the PGCEA advocating for the creation of community schools in our county.